You can be highly productive

50 steps to being highly productive from

Highly Productive

Let’s face it. Some days you don’t feel highly productive at all. Do you often wonder what highly productive people do to increase their productivity? Well, lists, “50 Things Highly Productive People Do Differently.” Dsvid, Sean and Mollie take issue with a few and agree with others… And yes, they actually get through all […]

You can make your business locally famous

Simple ways to increase your local influence

locally famous

  Businesses can grow their influence and become locally famous – all of which helps the bottom line. David, Sean and Mollie expand on tips offered by RightMix Marketing in their post, “How to make you business locally famous.” Ways to make your business locally famous Develop relationships with business reporters Contribute guest content for local business […]

Corporate Phrases That Kill Kittens

20 Corporate Phrases You Need to Quit Using Today


Some corporate phrases need to be retired. Thanks to a article Mollie shared from Business Insider, the trio has a little fun, and a lot of commentary about 20 of the “worst offenders.”) After all, can’t we just say what we mean without all the cliche’s? David, Sean and Mollie also admit to using some […]

Do You Have A Unique Sales Proposition?

Finding Your USP Can Lead To Stratospheric Success


Are you unique? Do you have a unique sales proposition? What is a unique sales proposition? In this episode, David and Sean break down the USP, as outlined in Jay Abraham’s book, “Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got.” They discuss the advantages, along with how and where to find your USP. Advantages […]

GTF-Outside the office

Moving Outside the Office Can Produce Very Positive Results


Does your office, cubicle or workspace sometimes feel like a prison? You are not alone. Being chained to your desk or other area can hamper productivity, reduce morale, or even cause fatigue. Changing your environment (even if briefly) can often get you “over the hump.” Positives of Getting Outside the Office Taking breaks can shorten […]

What Music Is On Your iPod?

How music can affect your productivity and your team


What does it sound like at your office? Is it quiet? Is there ambient music? Are people plugged into their iPods? What you (and your team) listen to, can add to their productivity, or take away from it. Music, etc. in the office Sometimes you need to drown out the noise around you Music without […]

Love Bites – Especially at the Office

Romantic Relationships At Work Often End in Disaster


If you are looking for love at work, you are probably “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” However, sometimes it happens anyway. So if you decide to “take the plunge,” there are some basic rules to follow, at least according to an article we found. Love At The Office Rules Proceed with your […]

Star Wars Business Lessons

May the 4th Be With You And Your Business


It’s Star Wars Day! And the crew has found some Star Wars business lessons to help you harness the (business) Force and allow it to flow. Star Wars Business Infographic Your focus determines your reality (being positive) No Stormtrooper would dream of disobedience (individuality trumps sheers numbers) Han Solo’s expertise was initially purchased for a […]

Take a SWOT at Your Business

Organized Review Can Really Open Your Eyes

SWOT Image

Do you know what a “SWOT” Analysis is? We didn’t until about four months ago. David and Sean break down this review process and explain how it can help any sized business do what they do better. The SWOT Strengths – What are you and your business really good at? What sets you apart from […]

A Cheap Business Is Still A Good Business

It doesn't take megabucks to become an entrepreneur

Productivity Hacks

Are you wanting to start your own business, but short of cash? Do you want to get out of your rat race to enter the exciting world of entrepreneurship? Does this sound like a bad infomercial? The truth is you can start your own cheap business with little or no money. David and Sean break […]